Store management

Managing your entire store is extremely simple. Just login and let our dashboard walk you through the steps.

Uncluttered & intuitive administration

Highwire provides a clean, easy to use store admin that lets you effectively manage your products, orders and customers.

The dashboard is the first page you will see when you log into your Highwire Store admin. Here you can see a snapshot of sales history, traffic statistics, out of stock products and more.

Product & Inventory Management

Finally an affordable inventory solution that works across your store and all your channels.

  • Easy Product Management

    Product entry is extremely simple. Our intuitive interface allows you to create products easily and quickly from a single page. Upload multiple product photos and sort them with ease using drag and drop.

  • Multiple product options

    Highwire supports multiple product options such as color, size, type and etc. You can also track inventory for each product combination.

  • Customize your categories

    Create nested product categories for streamlined store navigation. Assign multiple categories to a single product and manage category structure with drag and drop re-ordering.

  • Bulk Pricing Editing

    Use the bulk pricing editor to update thousands of products at once using multiple search filters. For more advanced users, bulk edit and import products using a CSV spreadsheet.

Customer & Order Management

Manage all of your orders and customers from a single place. Send out newsletters to promote your items or to offer discounts.

  • Complete order history

    Keep track of your orders each step of the way. Keep a history of your closed orders for quick lookup and customer history.

  • Customized order labeling

    Order labeling is a powerful feature that allows you to customize the order process. You can easily assign labels to selected orders to quickly identify the order state, and then process the order accordingly.

  • Monitor your customers

    Use the customer manager to find customer details and order history. Find out who your repeat buyers are and when they last placed an order.

  • Know your customers

    Find out your top sellers and most loyal customers using built in reporting. Keep an eye on trends and gain insights into your buyers.